NoaGym Massage

Swedish Massage (Classic Massage)

Also known as the Classic Massage is soothing and relaxing, and can be applied to the whole body.


Deep Tissue Massage

An intense manipulative technique that uses pressure and strokes to reduce spasms and relieve chronic tension in the muscles, tendons and fascia (the protective layer that frames muscles, bones and joints)


Trigger Point Massage

Reduces and relieves pain caused by muscle overuse, inflammation, injury, poor posture, or nerve damage (coarctation). It helps in the treatment of headaches, neck stiffness, back and lumbar pain.



This therapy employs special pressure techniques to reflex areas on the feet, which influences organs and other systems. Reflexology empowers the immune system and improves emotional and physical well-being. It is suitable for all ages.


Facial Massage

This technique targets the deep layers of the skin, improving circulation and reviving tired muscles. It helps reduce puffiness, brightens skin tone, minimises wrinkles, and refreshes the appearance.


Sports Massage

This therapy is applied after sports to distribute lactic acid. Sports Massage stretches out and relaxes tense muscles, and soothes the whole body.

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